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{ - to stop the storm from tearing up the forest, the streams and rivers must run red - }

Leafbare was long and brutal.

Cherrypaw, Stormclan's medicine apprentice, is a failure: she couldn't save her leader and her clanmates from the greencough outbreak that claimed so many lives, and she can't save them from the famine that is slowly tightening its grip on the territories.

Cedarpaw, Ivyclan's fighting prodigy, is a failure: no matter what he does, he can't live up to his father's impossible standards, and he can't protect everyone from the growing border tensions that threaten the territories' unsteady peace.

When a starving Lakeclan attack Stormclan in a desperate bid to seize their territory and save themselves, Cherrypaw and Cedarpaw are thrown together in a fight for their lives and the survival of their clans. But as pasts unravel and grudges and secrets are thrown out into the open, its clear that Stormclan and Ivyclan may just destroy themselves from the inside.

And Starclan is silent.

You can read Storm here.

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